Partyz is a business based in Western Australia specialising in party supplies.

Greg reached out to us seeking assistance with resolving a number of issues with his business website. It wasn’t until we investigated that we found certain supporting components being exploited for sending out SPAM.

For a number of years Greg has been using our web hosting services (PLAT4M), and it was apparent that we weren’t able to remediate¬†the growing list of issues with the existing implementation. Due to aging of his website CMS (Joomla) & site design (from a previous provider) which prevented a stable upgrade to Joomla’s more recent versions, a decision was made to get Greg out of this tight spot.

The project needed to cover:

  • BRAND & WEB DESIGN. This was one of the key elements in solidifying the right design for Partyz, with this, we could comfortably progress with the overall design.
  • CMS. Moving from an outdated Joomla installation to WordPress/WooCommerce. The implementation is customised to suit static pages, a gallery & online product shop.
  • CONTENT MIGRATION. An export of existing data migrated into WordPress/WooCommerce.
  • SECURITY. WordPress, with verified plug-ins can improve the security substantially on a website.
  • EASE OF USE. Greg’s main gripe from the previous implementation was that there was simply no easy way to update content.

The overall colour scheme of the design are complementary, the Purple & Lime Green were chosen to establish a level of rapport with prospective customers. In comparison to the previous logo, this one takes the form of block text – and ultimately improved the digital aesthetic while establishing the business theme — Fun, colourful, exciting. Balloon arrangements either side were tacked in for digital presentation.